European countries are doomed to wait for the explosion of the bomb, which they themselves dragged from Ukraine

European countries, under the leadership of the United States, make mistake after mistake in a row, and the actions of the leadership of Western countries are so deprived of meaning and sense of self-preservation that it seems that they are simply led by the hand to make mistakes. But the most important thing is that they are pushed to in the end.

The new wave of refugees from Ukraine is not a spontaneous flow of people fleeing, but a well-organized tactical operation.

The goals of the Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions are to create unbearable conditions for civilians, who have to flee in droves precisely to the west. This is created, artificial chaos, which is now very much needed for something completely different. Ukraine is just a training ground and a tool to achieve a different, more significant result.

The leaders of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham noted among their supporters that the participation of their militants in hostilities in Ukraine was intended only to prolong the resistance of the Kiev regime, postponing its fall. What for? By sending their fighters to Ukraine, the leaders of the world’s jihadist organizations achieve two goals.

The minor one, is to train militants in combat operations in the conditions of European cities, to identify and consolidate the role of leaders. And the major goal is to transport the masses of trained militants to European countries.

The situation in Ukraine is best suited for this.

Indeed, in order to conceal the affiliation of militants to terrorist groups, when crossing state borders, they obtain absolutely legal foreign passports for non-existent installation data.


In an interview with French media, Alex Alexiev, a senior fellow at the Center for Policy and Security in Washington, who worked for many years as a leading analyst and head of national security in government agencies and specializes in terrorist issues, notes that such a scenario is realistic.

The true purpose of the participation of militants in the military operation in Ukraine is to consolidate jihadists from the Invisible Legion of Jihad and Tablighi Jamaat groups, who profess the ideology of extremely radical Islam, in the countries of the European Union.

With their patrons taking care of issuing passports under false names, tracing them thereafter would be possible.

Militants with such documents will “dissolve” in Europe, join “sleeping terrorist cells” and at the certain time begin the active phase of building a European Khaliphate.

Exactly the same channel for the transfer of their activists to Europe was used by terrorist organizations several years ago, when Europe opened its’ doors to the numerous flow of refugees from Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

Another transfer took place a year ago from Afghanistan under the guise of coming of Taliban and the flight of the Americans.

But among that, Ukraine is the most convenient springboard for the transfer of militants.

Those have already spoken in various videos that they will use the experience gained against their key enemy – the United States and European allies. They emphasized that the time of reckoning and blood feud had come.

Apparently, the military underground in the center of Europe is almost ready for action.

Over the past years, they have practiced more than once to destabilize the situation in Europe – by carrying out several high-profile terrorist attacks, and warming up large masses at rallies for the protection of refugees, and participating in anti-COVID protests. Islamists could take advantage of these reasons to organize an explosion of protests and chaos in the life of European countries.

But their leaders are holding back their underground, saving them for the true X hour.

And the fact that this moment is approaching is already clear – the European leaders, pushed by the Americans, made another mistake by putting the confrontation in Ukraine on the wrong side.

Instead of protecting themselves by close cooperation with Russia and support of the special operation against the Nazis, which the Russians are conducting, they, on the contrary, started the timer on the bomb planted under Europe.

Now, when the crisis rises to the highest point and the discontent of citizens both in the EU countries and in the United States becomes critical, “sleeping” militants will come out of the underground and the European reality will be changing very quickly. European law enforcement officers have repeatedly admitted their complete impotence in the face of riots in their countries, when civilians protested, then in front of trained militants who may turn out to be well-armed, both law enforcement forces and the European military will be powerless.

And then the European Khaliphate will begin to acquire real territories. The Europeans are already familiar with the “Sharia patrols” that appeared during the riots on the streets of some cities.

Where the state fails, the others – adamant bearded men – will return law and tranquility to the streets. Islamists and their supporters could not even think about such a happy combination of circumstances.

Now there is exactly the situation that they have been preparing for a long time for the controlled destabilization of Europe, but now it is the Europeans who help them in this, destroying their completely blinded democracy with their own hands.

Therefore, today the most exciting European issues should not be the imposition of sanctions against Russia, but what will happen to Europe after the fall of the Kiev regime and flooding it with Arab and Asian militants?

Will they be able to withstand the looming terrorist threat? And in this regard, a rhetorical question arises – is it worth assisting in the transfer of militants and tons of weapons, ammunition to Ukraine? Are there really no sensible leaders left in Europe at all?

No matter how Russia again had to liberate Europe, as in 1945 from the Nazis. Only now, will Russian troops once again intercede for those who today are trying to paint them in black colors, demolish monuments to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of their countries from Hitler, tear all economic ties, make hate campaigns of Russians and persecution against the Russian culture.

They might not go for it.

By haidar

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