Ramsey Zahar launched his new NFT collection “The Ace”!

Lebanese NFT artist Ramsey Zahar just finished his NFT collection, “the Ace” collection, which you can buy from the game-changing decentralized marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, the OpenSea.
Ramsey develops his artistic work in two main areas: traditional sketching|digital and animated 3D work. If we take a look at Ramsey’s work, we will notice that he mixes different elements into a compositional entangled art. The elements may come from pop-culture icons, architecture, civilizations, and even video games.
In this context, Ramsey says, “Before the arrival of the block chain and the crypto art market, a project like this would probably have been doable, but it would likely only have been a kind of conceptual piece as you see them on art festivals.”
He continues: “NFTs just made this kind of collecting easier and faster. Ultimately, I think that’s also a good lesson for everyone in the art world, to think beyond what we know and what we think is right. Because our society, the art world and the art market are changing very rapidly, and one needs to adapt and understand what is going on.”

Some advices from Ramsey Zahar:
• Use colorful language: It’s important to stimulate potential buyers’ imagination.
• Use storytelling: Humans are naturally drawn to a good story.
• Use emotions: Appeal to the buyer’s inherent needs for happiness and social confirmation.

By haidar